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How Cutting Your Coffee Habit Can Help Save You Thousands

Gregory Stahl CFP®, SVP, Wealth Advisor, BT Wealth Advisors I hate to tell you, but your overpriced coffee habit is costing you a small fortune. I get it. You enjoy your morning coffee. I don’t want to take that away...

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The Digital Age Hasn’t Killed Relationship Banking

By Owen LaFave, Pinellas County Market President, The Bank of Tampa Like many businesses, technology and innovation have dramatically evolved the banking landscape and many community banks have accelerated the pace of digital adoption as a result of the Covid-19...

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Community Banking for Community-Focused Businesses

By Kevin Gilligan, SBA Lending Director at The Bank of Tampa Thanks to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), the Small Business Administration (SBA) has become a household name—at least within the business community. In actuality, the SBA offers business owners...

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Dealing with Inflation on All Fronts

By Drew Aldridge, Vice President, Middle Market Relationship Manager at The Bank of Tampa We have all been keeping an eye on the news surrounding inflation and how it impacts our bottom line at home and at work. For business...

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College Planning Strategies to Save Like an Advisor

By Stacey Pittman, CFA, CFP®, CPWA®, Managing Director, BT Wealth Advisors As a wealth advisor and the mom of a college freshman (Go Gators!), I am acutely aware of the challenges of planning for college. In speaking with clients, I...

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Building a $1 Billion Program

This article previously appeared in a publication by LPL Financial. A conversation with LPL Program Leader Stacey Pittman Stacey Pittman serves as executive vice president and managing director, BT Wealth Advisors located at the Bank of Tampa. Stacey is also an...

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