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How You Can Use a Home Equity Line of Credit

It is no secret, over the past 24 months, the real estate market has been hot across much of the U.S. In the Tampa Bay area, home values were up more than 11 percent in October 2021 year-over-year, according to...

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What a Preferred Lending Partner Can Offer Your Small Business

By Kevin Gilligan, SBA Lending Director at The Bank of Tampa As a business owner or a prospective business owner, there may come a time when you need additional financing. Perhaps you are interested in completing a business acquisition, a...

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Beware of Fraud in the Age of COVID-19

By Roxanne Chance-Chin, BSA Officer & Fraud Investigations Manager Government agencies including the FBI are reporting a rise in fraud attempts correlated with COVID-19. Although many fraud attempts at the beginning of the pandemic targeted individuals, the financial community warns...

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Financial Planning In Volatile Markets: Three Relevant Action Items for Today

By Lantz Martin, Wealth Advisor, BT Wealth Advisors There is one timeless, universal truth that governs financial planning and wealth management: nobody can predict or time the markets or returns. The overall uncertainty and economic volatility caused by COVID-19, the...

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Taking the Long View

By Stacey Pittman, Managing Director, BT Wealth Advisors As we proceed through 2020—a year that brought us some unexpected (and unwelcomed) surprises! Not only have we faced a global health crisis, but for many of us, we have faced the...

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Preparing for a Natural Disaster

By Maureen Busch, VP, Compliance and CRA Officer COVID-19 has dominated 2020, no doubt. However, natural disasters have not taken the year off.  Quite the contrary. We have seen wildfires in California, an inland hurricane in Iowa, and most recently...

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